Stephanie Thompson, Datamum Principal, has presented at a variety of conferences and meetings on topics relevant to business today. Learn more by reading some of the selected papers available below. If you would like more information or copies of papers listed but not made available here, contact Datamum to request the paper(s) by title.

  • Easier than You Think:  Creating Maps with SAS® Enterprise Guide®, 2011.
  • Managing your SAS® Assets, 2011.
  • Getting Personal but not too Personal, 2011.
  • More than Models:  The Data Mining Team.  Invited paper 2010.
  • Supporting SAS® Whether You Are a User or Not.  Panel participant 2010.
  • Labels, Labels, and More Labels, 2009.
  • Graphing the Easy Way with SAS® Enterprise Guide® (or How to Look Good With Less Effort) , 2009.
  • Talking Past Each Other?  How to Communicate with Medical Writers When Preparing Clinical Research Manuscripts for Journal Submission, 2009 and 2008.
  • Another Way to Make Use of Variable Labels, 2009 and 2008.
  • Evaluating Sample Code for an Interview, 2008 and 2007.
  • Four Thousand Reports Three Ways, 2008.
  • Getting Your Data into SAS®.  Workshop 2008.
  • Now That My Data is in Banner, How Do I Get It Out?  2008.
  • Workforce Preparation: Equipping Undergraduates with SAS® Knowledge, 2007.
  • The Lazy Rsubmit, 2007.
  • SAS for Institutional Research:  Logistic Regression Using Enterprise Guide, 2007.
  • Getting Information Out of Banner Using SAS, 2007.
  • Descriptive Statistics and Graphs Using SAS Enterprise Guide.  Web seminars presented as part of the AIR Live and On-Demand Professional Development Webinar Series 2007.
  • Using Regression to Address Faculty Salary Compression, 2007.
  • Descriptive Statistics and Graphs Using SAS Enterprise Guide.  Workshop 2007.
  • Putting SAS Dataset Variable Names into a Macro Variable, 2006.
  • Are You Talking SAS?  An Overview of SAS for Technical Writers, 2006.
  • Developing a Faculty Salary Model to Investigate Compression, 2006.  Recipient of The William L. McCulley, III Best Paper Award.
  • Security and Cost Considerations of Using Middleware to Facilitate SAS® Integration, 2006.
  • Measures to Successful Coding.  Four part article series for Your SAS Technology Report electronic newsletter, 2006.
  • New to SAS® and New to Programming?  What You Need to Do Before Typing Code, 2005.
  • From Spark Plugs to Students:  One Researcher's Road Trip, 2004.
  • Does Buying the Correct Battery for Your Car Make Any Difference?  2002.
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